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Okita Souji Fujiwara no Kaneyoshi

oh this happy masquerade

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Rank: S-Rank
Serial #:18680719M
Room Number: M63
Roommate: Guy Cecil

Status: Dead. Light scar (small) on left cheek

Note: Due to his M-U on Nightshift 33, he is infected with a non-contagious form of tuberculosis. He also wears his Shinsengumi patrol uniform at night.


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Other Characteristics: Friendly and carefree, Okita loves to play games with adults and children. He especially likes to tease people he's close to, and will often use teasing as an excuse to cheer them up when they're down. Okita will introduce himself as "Soujirou" rather than "Souji" to children because he believes it makes him seem friendlier.

He is very effeminate, refusing to carry swords when not on duty as the Captain of the First Unit of the Shinsengumi because the swords interfere when he plays games. Still, he is a deadly swordsman and a formidable enemy in both armed and unarmed combat. In his own world, Okita was beginning the battle with tuberculosis, a fight he would ultimately lose at the age of 25.
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*Mumyo-ken is a special three-pronged attack Okita developed from Hijikata's own special technique. It is said that it could hit the neck, right and left shoulders almost simultaneously.
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