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OOC: Comments and Criticisms

Comments and Criticisms

If you have any comments, criticisms, or ooc comments to give me regarding my portrayal of Okita Souji, please leave them here. This is also a good place to suggest interactions, plots or otherwise.

Anon commenting is on, IP logging is off and all comments are screened.
Information seized from the bulletin board:
1. Monster post, original
2. Basement information - instructions on how to get in
3. Arts and Crafts Map, no embellishments - however, he knows the SC Prep Area. He refuses to write it down.

Extra Information regarding culture and history:
1. Japanese reckoning of time, pre-Meiji era
2. History of Origami, originally called orisue or oritaka

TL;DR Meme is TL;DRCollapse )

The 100 Most Important Things to Know About Your Character MemeCollapse )

Day 20 Notes

[Written in his usual code on a random page]

Aside from the strange occuranges in the town, there was apparently something that occured at the Institute. This Inspector Lunge was kind enough to provide a transcript, and a man with such ability is someone to be marked for further watching.

TranscriptCollapse )

Apparently two male voices, one is assumed to be the Head Doctor, Martin Landel, the other has been theorized to be Alec Doyle, the former radio voice who was murdered days prior. This furthers my own suspicions that the man has his agenda and we are merely pawns and collateral damage in their personal war. And over a woman, too. I do hope there is something more to their fight, or I should be very put out to discover that I'm dying because of a lover's quarrel.

Furthermore, today's announcement lacked both the Doctor and his usual companion, Nurse Lydia. Instead, it was a 'recorded' or 'automated' message from something called I.R.I.S. I was unable to catch all of the announcement, but what I did hear, I've recorded here.
Morning messageCollapse )

The opportunity to serve you and our country? Federal training sponsorship? Just what was this place before we arrived? I am not the only one to be wary of this change, either.


Day 18

[handwriting is sloppy, but the code is intact - random page again]

How dare he...Collapse )


Day 17

[Written in code and on a random page]

Read more...Collapse )


Day 14 [Early Morning]

[written on a random page, back to using his usual code]
And the night has left us once again...Collapse )

[not in code]

Though my world has stopped
The cruel sun and moon march on
Leaving me behind


Day 13 [Evening]

he left me here...

The nightengale's song
Echoing through the forest
Fading to silence


Day 13

[written in code on a random page, surprisingly steady handwriting for the most part]
Day 13: MorningCollapse )


Day 10

[as usual, written in code on a random page]
Who knew that time could pass so quickly?Collapse )


[First page of the journal, written in calligraphy, but not in code]

This journal has to be good for something, hm? I think it's time I start recording haiku~

~The New Kokinshu~Collapse )


~Day Five~ Morning

[as usual, written in code on a random page]

Remem: Suggest to Homura --> Heiji and Kuroba work under Shinsen, still chance to patch up

[updates are added to Okita's versions of the AC maps from the most recent post]

He's back.

~Day Four~

[As usual, written in code on a random page]

Ayumu-san...Collapse )



My beloved snow has melted
A spring garden


If there were snow that remains always beautiful, never melting... I'd like to see it.